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Beginning Acting (Act I)
September 9-December 9
(no class week of November 20)

Saturdays (13 weeks)

Ages 7 +

This class is designed to prepare students for auditions, performance and life skills – such as confidence, communication (verbal and nonverbal), listening and focusing skills and ability to share ideas creatively. This class is designed for the beginning actor. Students will learn the fundamentals of acting through exercises in imagination, body movement, voice and improv. Students will learn how to perform a monologue and scene work.  Students will perform a showcase on the Lake Worth Playhouse mainstage.

Intermediate Acting (Act II)
September 9-December 9 (no class week of November 20)
Saturdays (13 weeks)

Ages 8+

This class is designed for actors with limited to intermediate stage experience looking to make their performances more organic and believable. We will explore character and relationships with other characters.  Students will work on monologue preparation as well as scene study. Students will perform on the Lake Worth Playhouse mainstage a showcase of their work for family and friends. All those registering for this class should have some performance experience or have had some kind of beginning acting class.

Advanced Acting (Act III)
September 5- December 5
(no class week of November 20)
Tuesdays (13 weeks)
5:30 – 6:30pm

Ages 11+

In this class actors will explore in detail three major focus areas: 1) The Mind of the Character: Studying advanced methods of acting and learning how to create Goal-driven characters.  2) The Body of a Character: A step by step approach to fully embodying a character (and how to create a physical "trigger" to snap into character!) 3) The Character as Part of an Ensemble: Developing advanced creative skills to reacting to others in the scene (and in the class) around you.  These three components will be studied in application to each half of the course-- Part 1: Monologues, Part 2: Scene Study.  We will often rely on improvisation to explore concepts before applying them to text. Students must have prior acting experience despite their age.

Musical Theatre Performance
September 6 – December 13 (no class week of November 20)
Wednesdays (14 weeks)
5:00pm – 7:00pm
Erin Pittleman and Rosseroni Paris

Ages 8-15

Each student will audition, sing, act, dance and perform.  Classes will include not only singing, acting and dancing, but the art of performing on stage, script work, reading music and learning how to audition.  All students will have the opportunity to perform on the Lake Worth Playhouse mainstage on their last class for friends and family.

Adult Acting (The Art of the Monologue) – Elizabeth Dimon
October 16 – December 18
(10 weeks)
5:15pm – 6:45pm

Ages 18+

A monologue may be a small part of an entire play, but it is a small story unto itself. It has a beginning, a middle and an end.
Come learn with me how to perfect that story, whether for an audition or to further your study.
Class will include voice and body work in conjunction with the monologue.  Monologues will be assigned, but also please bring choices if you have something you would like to work on.
A final presentation for friends and family will be on December 18, 2017.

IMPROV FUN FOR KIDS! taught by Laura Graham
September 5 – December 5(no class week of November 20)
4:30 – 5:30
Ages 10 - 14

In this class, we will play lots of great theatre games and exercises where you get to use your imagination and creativity. We will also make-up fun characters, stories, and scenes using skills we will learn from the improv games. This class is about finding your voice on stage, building characters, working as a team, and getting over stage-fright. Everyone gets to work at their own level and have fun! What you learn in improv will surely help with all your acting endeavors!

Yoga with Cara


Yoga for Pain Relief, Strength & Stability 

In this class we will use chairs, as well as, the mat to explore all we can with the practice, developing our awareness one breath at a time. We will do what we can and we will accept that. We will feel invigorated, stimulated, be calmer, stronger and develop a heightened focus.

Come join me!


* All 'On‐Going' Yoga Classes and Dance for the Stage Classes available for purchase direct thru the Box Office


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